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Gladiator 2 is really coming: What the sequel to the blockbuster will be about

by Tommy

The film sequel Gladiator 2 is currently becoming a reality in Ridley Scott”s hands. We compile everything you need to know and inform you about the start, cast, plot, shooting accidents, the strike break and more

The 2001 Oscar-winning sandal movie epicGladiatorstarringRussell Croweis getting a sequel. Aftertwo decadesRidley Scottreturns to the sands of the arena to pick up where his hit left off. But what else can be told after the actually perfect ending? We provide you with constant updates on the sequel developments ofGladiator 2including the growing cast aroundPaul Mescal, the start date, the plot and more.

When will Gladiator 2 be released in cinemas?

Back in 2021Ridley Scott declaredthat the Sandals movie sequel had been written. It became his next project afterNapoleon. Gladiator 2 is currently scheduled to be released in Germany on November 21, 2024, but could be delayed due to the Hollywood strike by screenwriters and actors.

(Gladiator: Russell Crowe)

A prequel or sequel (or both in one movie) was already under discussion in 2001. However, numerous ideas and screenwriters failed to complete the task. In 2006, Paramount secured the rights to the sequel, and in 2018 the studio announced that it had given the project the green light. A team was finally assembled in front of and behind the camera. Gladiator 2 is a British-American co-production

Ridley Scott”s sequel: What is Gladiator 2 about?

The biggest question after the epic ending of Gladiator is of course: What else can be told in part 2? Maximus has avenged the death of his family and can now roam through golden barley fields in the afterlife. Do we really need a sequel?

Gladiator can be streamed on Netflix andAmazon Prime*

According toDeadlineit was clear early on that Gladiator 2 would not simply tell the story of a new arena fighter, but would instead “pick up at a logical point “because, according to director“there are enough components in the first movie that we can continue with “

Nevertheless, it will not be a direct sequel: The Gladiator sequelis totake place 25 years after part 1(i.e. around the year 200 AD). Thenew main character will be Lucius, the nephew of opponent Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) and son of Lucilla (Connie Nielsen).

(Gladiator: Lucius and Lucilla)

Young Lucius was rescued from his uncle by Maximus in Gladiator. He has now grown up. But what kind of man has he become? According to Russel Crowe, he is now the emperor. What legacy does he have to bear and does part 2 combine this burden with theunresolved question of Lucius” biological father?

Over the past few years, the media have also been buzzing about other plot elements, such as thecorruption in Romeor the imperial guard troop of thePraetoriansthat were supposed to shed light on this. Themagical resurrection of Russell Crowe”s Maximus, including fantasy elements and limbo, has now (thankfully) been scrapped.

Ridley Scott nevertheless keptareunion with Maximusopen:“He”s dead. But there is a way to bring him back. Whether that will happen, I don”t know.” –However, Russell Crowe was not approached later. Which is why it will probably amount to animpliedhomage to the first filmwhile part 2 will stand on its own.

Cast & crew: Who is joining Paul Mescal in the Gladiator sequel?

Unless Ridley Scott is filming flashbacks (or ghostly apparitions) with actors who have aged 20 yearsRussell CroweandJoaquin Phoenixa reunion with the dead is unlikely. As the star of the first film, the Maximus star confirmed that he is so farnot involvedand even “a bit envious”. Crowe quickly got tired of the constantquestions about his involvement in Gladiator 2 and issued a clearrefusal. Instead, he preferred to look forGerman accordion players.

Nevertheless, a look at the already known actors is exciting. Especially after the newleading actor of Gladiator 2has been spotted atcasting. Ridley Scott revealedTotal Film that he just couldn”t forget Paul Mescal after seeing him inNormal People

The cast of Gladiator 2: Who”s returning in front of the camera?

  • Paul Mescaltakes on the lead role of the adult Lucius
  • Connie Nielsenbecame the firstreturnee from the originaland reprises her role as Lucius” mother Lucilla
  • Djimon Hounsoureturns as former slave and gladiator Juba from the first Gladiator film
  • Derek Jacobiis back as Senator in his old Gladiator role of Gracchus
  • Fred Hechinger(White Lotus) plays the (historically real) Roman emperor Geta
  • Joseph Quinn(Stranger Things) plays Geta”s co-emperor Carcalla
  • Denzel Washingtonwill, according toTotal Filmbe seen in the mysterious role of a“rich man with revenge on his mind “to be seen
  • Pedro Pascalhas a role that is still unknown despitespeculation about a second Gladiator.
  • May Calamawy(Moon Knight) plays a still unknown role
  • Lior Raz(Fauda) plays an unknown character
  • Matt Lucas(Alice in Wonderland) is part of the cast with an unknown part
  • Peter Mensah(Avatar) is part of the cast in an unknown role
  • Chi Lewis-Parryplays Phoebus
  • WhetherSpencer Treat Clarkwill return, who played the young Lucius in Gladiator, is uncertain

The actor who was originally cast as Emperor GetaBarry Keoghanhad to leave Gladiator 2 due to scheduling difficulties and was replaced byFred Hechinger

Main actor Paul Mescalrevealed that he was “too scared” to speak to Pedro Pascal, who was cast as a supporting actor and whom he greatly admired, at the start of filming.

The team behind Gladiator 2

  • Ridley Scott(Alien) will direct the sequel as he did with Gladiator
  • David Scarpa(All the Money in the World) has written the screenplay
  • Dariusz Wolski(Pirates of the Caribbean) is cinematographer
  • Janty Yates(The Martian) will contribute the costumes, as he did for Gladiator
  • Arthur Max(Seven) will once again be responsible for the sets after Gladiator

Gladiator 2: Filming, accidents and more

Thefilming of Gladiator 2began in June 2023. Lead actor Paul Mescaldid not want to share his pre-shoot workout because he didn”t think it was “interesting “to do so. However, he looked forward to the task of building up his muscles without fear

There was anaccident with several casualtieson the set in Morocco right at the beginning: According toVarietythere was an incident during the preparation of a stunt scene, whereupon several crew members were taken to hospital and treated with burns, but not life-threatening injuries. No cast members were injured. On the Instagram channel of Morocco”s Minister of Culture you could alreadyget set impressions

In addition, filming took place on the island ofMaltawhere a couple of tourists Paul Mescal and Pedro Pascaltook pictures. A huge colosseum was also built there:

In the wake of the Hollywood strike of 2023, production on Gladiator 2 was halted and filming was temporarily suspended from mid-July 2023. The interruption cost the film around 600,000 US dollars per week. At this point, according to World of Reel the film was already about 50% complete.

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