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When is Wednesday season 2 coming to Netflix? What is known about the start, cast and plot

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Wednesday has been officially renewed by Netflix for a 2nd season. Find out here when the new episodes could start. Is the series affected by the screenwriters’ strike?

Wednesday is perhaps the most important Netflix discovery of the past year. The character from the morbid Addams family triggered a cultural hype that only hits like Stranger Things, Squid Game and Bridgerton can match. So what does the streaming service do with its series treasure?

Is the 2nd season of Wednesday already officially confirmed?

Yes, Wednesday season 2 is definitely coming. The streaming service waited an unusually long time to make the official announcement, but all uncertainties have now been resolved. There is even a short announcement video including a thank you from Wednesday

When does the 2nd season of Wednesday start?

Wednesday season will be released in the second half of 2024 at the earliest. Netflix has not released an official date, but the preparations for the new episodes and ultimately the filming will take a long time.

Will the writers’ strike delay the Wednesday season 2 launch?

The now ended Hollywood screenwriters’ strike has had an additional impact on the start of Wednesday season 2. Since the beginning of May 2023, the writers and later also the actors have been protesting for better pay, among other things. Work on Wednesday 2 was also put on hold for months. Now the production is Netflix’s top priority

Will Jenna Ortega and Emma Myers return?

The big stars of the first season should also return for Wednesday season 2. Above all, the series would be unthinkable without the popular duo Jenna Ortega (Wednesday) and Emma Myers (Enid). You can therefore count on their return, as can the rest of the cast. However, there is no official information yet

(Enid and Wednesday)

(Enid and Wednesday)

What is known about the plot?

Showrunners Miles Millar and Al Gough have been talking a lot about their Season 2 plans even before the sequel was officially confirmed. A brief overview:

Tyler the monster is set to return in season 2

Wednesday’s family will play a bigger role. So we will see more of brother Pugsley (Isaac Ordonez), mother Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and father Gomez (Luis Guzmán)

In addition, the makers want to further explore the friendship between Enid and Wednesday

Jenna Ortega also announced plans to make Wednesday darker. Even if that doesn’t necessarily correspond to the showrunners’ plans

When will the first trailer for Wednesday season 2 be released?

There is still no trailer for Wednesday season 2. Netflix traditionally releases trailers for its series later rather than sooner. We can expect a first teaser at the end of 2023 at the earliest.

Will Wednesday switch from Netflix to Amazon Prime in season 2?

Wednesday season 1 was produced for Netflix by the traditional studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (they’re the ones with the lion). However, MGM, as it is known, was sold to Amazon last year – along with its brands, including Wednesday and the Addams Family. Wednesday is now owned by Amazon, giving rise to the rumor that the company could snatch the new hit series away from Netflix. But there’s nothing to it. The contracts between MGM and Netflix are not affected by the takeover. So no, Wednesday is not switching from Netflix to Amazon

What other films with Wednesday star Jenna Ortega are starting?

With Wednesday, Jenna Ortega made her final breakthrough. The actress had already made a name for herself in horror productions such as The Babysitter and X. Her biggest cinema success Scream will be continued on March 9 with Scream VI and Ortega is back in a leading role.

More about Wednesday:

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Wednesday drama: what season 2 needs to do better

Wednesday is one of the most successful and popular series of recent years. A 2nd season has already been confirmed by Netflix. Nevertheless, there is criticism – especially from lead actress Jenna Ortega herself. The series was apparently shot under severe time pressure. Hendrik Busch and Matthias Hopf discuss what needs to be improved in season 2

There are also flaws in the content: Was the love triangle around Wednesday really appropriate? And does Wednesday even look like a series by master director Tim Burton?

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