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Is Loki coming for season 3? There is hope for the sequel, although there is one huge reason not to

by Tommy

After Loki season 2, the MCU series is practically finished. But you may not have to say goodbye to the trickster god for good.

At the end of the second season of Marvel’s Loki series, the antihero has taken on a new position in the MCU. From now on, he is the guardian of the entire multiverse. Many fans are still wondering whether Loki could continue with a third season. We have compiled various statements for you that provide clues

Loki team has finished with the Marvel series, but is keeping a door open

First the most concrete information: A 3rd season of Loki has not yet been officially announced. In an interview with Cinema Blend, screenwriter Eric Martin spoke about the fact that the two Loki seasons were developed as a complete work:

We approached it like two halves of a book. Season one, first half. With the second season, we’re closing the book on Loki and the TVA. Where it goes beyond that, I don’t know. I just wanted to tell a comprehensive story across these two seasons.
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In the Comic Book interview, Loki producer Kevin Wright at least talked about ideas for a Loki sequel being considered. However, it could be less about the trickster god himself:

We’re definitely thinking about how we can continue to tell TVA and Loki-based stories. I would say season one and season two were always conceived as two chapters of the same book. We want to close it. This book, and I think there are a lot more books on the shelf.

Is Loki season 3 coming? Tom Hiddleston doesn’t rule out a return

(Mobius and Loki)

(Mobius and Loki)

During an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show (via Esquire ), Tom Hiddleston spoke about how he considers his long-running Loki journey complete with the end of season 2 of the Disney+ series:

It’s the conclusion of the first and second season, and it’s also the conclusion of six movies and 12 episodes and 14 years of my life. 14 years. I was 29 when I was cast, now I’m 42, it’s been a journey

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Nevertheless, the Marvel star doesn’t want to say goodbye to his antihero for good. In an interview with Comic Book, he talked about how he could imagine another appearance alongside his MCU brother Chris Hemsworth as Thor:

I think both Thor and Loki had to dig up and analyze the past and figure out who they really are and what they really want. But the interesting thing about the family, this is just my opinion, is that sometimes it’s going to be hard to let go of the preconception of who they used to be.

Loki might expect Thor to act a certain way. Thor might expect Loki to behave in a certain way. So I think it would be really confusing at first, but they’ve also been separated for a long time and no doubt they’ve been objects in each other’s minds. And so I wonder if there would be a reunion, we’ll see.

So after Loki season 2, the main story of the Marvel character is practically considered complete by everyone. Another season is likely to be more of a spin-off. However, future MCU appearances by Tom Hiddleston are definitely still possible

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