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“I hate it here”: Shadow and Bone fans are really angry after Netflix’s latest fantasy cancellation

by Tommy

Fantasy fans need to be strong right now, because Netflix has canceled a popular series and its potential spin-off. Shadow and Bone fans around the world are now mourning along with Grishaverse author Leigh Bardugo

Now it’s official: after eight months of uncertainty, Netflix has canceled Shadow and Bone. The fact that the fantasy series will not be getting a third season also puts an end to another series before it was really born. The renewal was also linked to the spin-off Six of Crows, which will now not make it past the finished scripts. Writer Leigh Bardugo and fans reacted with deep disappointment to the news

Netflix cancellation of Shadow and Bone: Grishaverse creator Leigh Bardugo expresses her dismay

Although Shadow and Bone brought Alina’s trilogy to a close by adapting the second and third novels together in season 2, the series ended on a massive cliffhanger that left many questions unanswered. US fantasy writer Leigh Bardugo, who has published seven novels from her magical universe of the “Grishaverse” to date, addressed the public with a mournful Instagram message:

…] The news has hit me hard. I’m heartbroken and deeply disappointed, but I’m also trying to hold on to my gratitude. Most authors never get to see their work adapted. Many others regret the experience afterwards. I am one of the few who can look back on the film adaptation with a great deal of pride and enormous joy. […] I’m going to go cry now, maybe have a drink and then we’ll see where the story takes us next.

Leigh Bardugo’s farewell greeting “no mourners” alludes to a popular saying of the Crow gang of thieves (“no mourners, no funerals”, which translates into German as “Keine Trauer, keine Gräber”).

This is how fantasy fans are reacting to the unfinished Netflix ending of Shadow and Bone

The unexpected release of the new Netflix game Shadow and Bone: Enter the Fold doesn’t help the fans’ deep sadness. Grishaverse fans are currently venting their fantasy disappointment on social media. The anger is still very fresh:

What I’ll do when I catch the person who canceled Shadow and Bone

Netflix cancels Shadow and Bone. I’m canceling my life. The universe is testing me so hard right now. I need Six of Crows! I need Kanej [Kaz & Inej]! Justice for Kanej!

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Save Shadow and Bone, Netflix. This show needs a proper ending, the ending it deserves!

The book fans know what they’ll never get to see now:

Shadow and Bone sawed off. That means no crows, no reunion with Kanej, Matthias trapped forever, Nina alone and nothing from Zoyali [Zoya & Nikolai]. I hate it here.

Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows have good representation: queer characters, black characters, characters with disabilities. This story means so much and Netflix decided not to continue it. This story saved lives. You need to do better, Netflix!

In her eulogy, Leigh Bardugo thanks the cast and crew of the series as well as the readers and fans who have always stood by her and Shadow and Bone. If you haven’t already done so, you can at least find out what happens to the characters in the 7 fantasy books of the Grishaverse:

Golden Flames * (Shadow and Bone), Alina 1
Icy Waves * (Siege and Storm), Alina 2
Blazing Wings * (Ruin and Rising), Alina 3
The Song of the Crows * (Six of Crows), Crows 1
The Gold of the Crows * (Crooked Kingdom), Crows 2
Throne of Gold and Ashes * (King of Scars), Nikolai 1
Throne of Night and Silver * (Rule of Wolves), Nikolai 2

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