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One of the most popular adventure films is soon to disappear from Netflix – the incredible fight scenes almost cost Tom Cruise his life

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Netflix is soon to drop an entertaining adventure film starring Tom Cruise from its program. The extremely gripping sword fight scenes almost cost the leading actor his life

Does Tom Cruise have a death wish? Anyone who saw him on the outside of a plane taking off in Mission: Impossible 5 – Rogue Nation could almost get that impression. The adrenaline junkie’s stunts are legendary. Even in the adventure film Last Samurai, the action star narrowly escaped death by a sword, according to a colleague. The blockbuster with its spectacular fight scenes is still available on Netflix until November 30.

Adventure action on Netflix: Tom Cruise narrowly escapes a sword accident

Last Samurai revolves around disillusioned US soldier Nathan Algren (Cruise), who joins the Japanese army as an instructor in the 1870s. The last remnants of the samurai caste under the warrior Katsumoto (Ken Watanabe) stand in the way of the modernization zeal at the top of the country and are to be wiped out. After Algren falls into the hands of the enemy in the first battle, his perspective changes forever.

Watch the trailer for Last Samurai here:

The adventure epic by Edward Zwick (Blood Diamond) may not be an epochal masterpiece of its genre, but it still entertains to the last second. On Moviepilot, the film has a very good average rating of 7.2 points.

In addition to its superbly written characters, the endlessly gripping battle and fight scenes are primarily responsible for this. In one of them, Tom Cruise almost literally lost his head, as his co-star Hiroyuki Sanada told us (via The Guardian ):

Tom’s neck was right in front of me and I wanted to stop my sword, but that’s hard to do with one hand. […] The crew screamed from all sides. They thought Tom’s head was going to fly through the air.

In the scene not specified by Sanada, Cruise was sitting on a mechanical horse that did not throw him off according to plan. As a result, he was unable to avoid Sanada’s sword. Apparently, his co-star just managed to stop his own arm in time. Presumably it was the following sequence in which both actors are on horseback:

Cruise was probably unimpressed by such little tricks. Since then, he has appeared in almost every movie with dicey stunts. An entire train was destroyed just for one action scene in his last blockbuster. Nothing brings some people to their senses, not even the blade of an angry samurai.

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