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New at No. 1 on Netflix: superhero series that is still far too unknown puts the Kaulitz brothers in the bag

by Dennis

Bridgerton and Co. have been pocketed by a British superhero drama on Netflix. It is produced by the multi-talented Rapman

The Kaulitz brothers are still sitting at number 1 in the Netflix charts with their reality format, but other formats such as Bridgerton and Rick & Morty have been beaten by a British superhero drama from Andrew Onwubolu aka Rapman.

The format is called Supacell and may remind some of the British series Misfits. This was also set in London and revolved around seemingly ordinary people with unexpected superpowers.

Supacell on Netflix: With superpowers at number 2 in the streaming charts

Several black people from South London, who were previously only connected by sickle cell disease, suddenly develop superhuman superpowers. Among them is delivery driver Michael Lasaki (Tosin Cole), who can now teleport and travel through time. This is how he learns that his fiancée Dionne (Adelayo Adedayo) will die in 2024. But there is still a chance to avert this fate.



A Michael from the future tells Michael that he has to round up other people with special abilities in order to save the love of his life. Shortly afterwards, he meets a young woman with telekinesis, a stumbling father with super strength, a gang member who can turn invisible and a young drug dealer with super speed.

What the critics say about the Netflix series Supacell

Apparently far too few of you have watched Supacell yet, because only seven reviews have been received from the Moviepilot community. The six episodes of season 1 have already been well received by critics. For example, Alex Godfrey writes in his 4-star review at Empire :

In a television sea of white noise, this is propulsive, obligatory fare. Thought superheroes had had their day? Rapman comes to the rescue.
Daniel Fienberg of the Hollywood Reporter especially sees a lot of potential in Supacell, but also has one criticism:

Supacell has the specificity to be a great superhero drama if its actual superhero machinations weren’t so average. The way the characters are loosely connected before the inevitable team-up emphasizes the small-world nature of South London, and there’s some elegance in the way Rapman and his director Sebastian Thiel allow their paths to cross.

3 out of 4 points was also awarded by Dan Einav in the Financial Times , who emphasized the race aspect of the format:

Instead of being just another superhero story, this series uses the genre to think about power – its presence, its absence, its denial – especially in relation to black lives in a society still rife with prejudice and inequality.

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