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Announcing the start date of “Terrifier 3”: That’s how long you’ll have to wait for the bloody return of Terror-Clown Art

by Tommy

After a first poster for “Terrifier 3” was recently released, it has now been announced when Terror-Clown Art will be back on the big screen to cause carnage

With “Terrifier 2”, Damien Leonehas not only achieved a veritable success at the box office, the clown shocker has also become a horror hype after reports made the rounds that people vomited, fainted or fled directly from the theater during the screening. And you can understand it a little, because the second solo appearance of terror harlequin Art brought out the big guns in terms of gruesomeness

Expectations are correspondingly high for “Terrifier 3”, for which Damien Leone is once again responsible. David Howard Thorntonwill also be back as Art The Clown. After a first poster recently showed that the third part will be set at Christmas,it is now known when the film will be released in US cinemas:On October 25, 2024. There is currently no German release date for “Terrifier 3”.Of course, the hope remains that Art will also be able to provide another bloodbath in cinemas here in Germany close to the US release.


Not much is really known about the content of “Terrifier 3”. As I said, the story is set at the holidays and Art is once again allowed to cause terror among the residents of Miles County In addition to Thornton, Lauren LaVera will also return as Sienna Shaw. In “Terrifier 2”, the duo faced each other in the finale in a pretty epic battle.It will be interesting to see which higher powers they will be battling in this case.

Fans will have to be patient for a good year until “Terrifier 3” can finally be seen. To bridge the gap, fans of the bloodthirsty clown can simply watch the predecessor a few more times, which is available completely unabridged on Amazon Prime Video:

It’s a little surprising that the movie is accessible on Prime Video without any problems, given the violent peaks of violence. Nevertheless: If you haven’t seen “Terrifier 2” yet, you shouldn’t be the squeamish sort, because the gore house is really on fire here. However, horror lovers with a weakness for practical effects will get their money’s worth with “Terrifier 2”

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