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The first horror highlight of 2023 was heavily cut – because the

by Dennis

The upcoming horror film M3gan was initially planned to be more brutal. But due to the trailer hype, it was then cut more harmlessly for a larger young target audience.

With the dancing and singing killer doll M3gan, the young cinema year 2023 directly gets its first horror hype. The first trailers for the film by producer James Wan directly triggered a meme firework on the net. Of course, this also caught the studio’s eye, which resulted in further cuts before release.

Watch another M3gan trailer here:

M3gan was cut for a wider audience due to trailer hype

According to Comic Book, M3gan screenwriter Akela Cooper has spoken to the Los Angeles Times about how the horror film was initially planned to be much more brutal. There were significantly more deaths in her original script and the gore content was also set to be more drastic.

The now-released version of M3gan, however, has been given a tamer PG-13 rating, which is “thanks” to the success of the trailers. After Universal noticed that M3gan became a hype meme among many younger people on TikTok, among others, the film was to be made accessible to a larger target group. Therefore, more drastic and gory scenes were cut from the horror film.

The scriptwriter revealed that as a result there will also be an unrated version of M3gan. This is likely to be released for home cinema at a later date after the cinema version.

The tamer PG-13 or FSK 16 version of M3gan will be released on the big screen on 12 January 2023.

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