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Popular fantasy series seemed doomed: Netflix now sends an unexpected sign of life from Shadow and Bone

by Dennis

For months, the fantasy series Shadow and Bone has been in fear of being canceled by Netflix. Now the streaming service is sending a sign of life. Albeit in a different way than expected

Update from 16.11.2013: It has now been announced that Netflix has canceled Shadow and Bone and has also not ordered the spin-off Six of Crows.

The fate of almost 60 Netlix series is unclear. The streaming service is keeping mum on whether they will be renewed or canceled. One of these series, whose hoped-for continuation has had fans trembling for months, is the fantasy epic Shadow and Bone – Legends of Grisha. But even though the 3rd season has still not been ordered, there has now been a sign of life from an unexpected corner:

Does Netflix still believe in a 3rd season in the fantasy universe of Shadow and Bone?

The ending of the 2nd season of Shadow and Bone, which was published in March 2023, deviated from the book and prepared for the 3rd season and a spin-off of the fantasy series. But because further stories in the fantasy world of Ravka can only be produced with Netflix’s blessing and the streamer has not commented on a renewal for nine months, Alina’s fate and further raids by the gang of crow thieves are uncertain.

For fantasy fans, however, a small ray of hope has now appeared in this anxious waiting period, which they can cling to like Alina clings to her light powers: the Netflix game Shadow and Bone: Enter the Fold was unexpectedly released

Watch the Netflix trailer for the game Shadow and Bone: Enter the Fold here

For several years now, Netflix has been expanding its range of films and series to include games that subscribers can play on their cell phones. Many of the now over 60 Netflix games are based on the streaming service’s brands. One of the first Netflix games was a Stranger Things game.

The fact that Shadow & Bone has been expanded to include a gaming version could be read as a hopeful sign: Has Netflix not lost faith in the fantasy universe of Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse * after all? At least the streamer hasn’t forgotten about the brand. The game was announced under the title Shadow and Bone: Destinies in 2022, but would Netflix pour oil on the fire of attention with a new game if season 3 had long since died?

As the trailer for Netflix’s Shadow and Bones game reveals, it is set between seasons 1 and 2 of the fantasy series. You take on the roles of Sun Warrior Alina (Jessie Mei Li), thief Jesper (Kit Young), pirate Sturmhond (Patrick Gibson) and villain General Kirigan (Ben Barnes) to travel through and influence the magical world of Ravka in the narrative-driven, interactive single-player RPG.

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