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Huge Netflix offer in 2024: All 98 new series next year

by Han

Netflix will once again have more series on offer in 2024 than you can watch. To help you keep track, here is an overview of all the new Netflix series for next year

No streaming service produces such a constant stream of content as Netflix. Even if many a cancellation hurts, Netflix is still a place where series fans can discover new shows from all over the world. The new year 2024 is no different. There are not only dozens of new Netflix seasons to binge, but also almost 100 new Netflix series.

In the coming year, Netflix is once again relying on well-known brands and big acting names for its biggest series. Among other things, we can look forward to a film adaptation of the sci-fi novel The 3 Suns developed by the Game of Thrones showrunners, as well as the live-action adaptation of Avatar: Lord of the Elements and another spin-off series for The Witcher.

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For this overview, we have looked at all Netflix announcements and combed through the masses of productions to find those that will be released on Netflix in 2024. Reality formats, documentary series and licensed catalog titles are not included here

New Netflix series in January 2024

In eternal guilt – Thriller based on the Harlan Coben novel – Start. January 1
The Brothers Sun – Crime drama with Michelle Yeoh – Start: January 4
Boy Swallows Universe – Australian coming-of-age drama with Travis Fimmel – start: January 11
Griselda – Crime drama with Sofia Vergara – Start: January 25
Masters of the Universe: Revolution – Sequel to Revelation – Start: January 25
Delicious in Dungeon – Anime – Start: January
The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse – Anime – Start: January 31

New Netflix series in February 2024

Two in a Day – remake of David Nicholls novel – start: February 8
Avatar: The Last Airbender – Live-action adaptation of the cult animated series – Start: February 22

New Netflix series in March 2024

The 3 Suns – sci-fi series from Game of Thrones showrunners – start: March 21

New Netflix series in April 2024

Dead Boy Detectives – DC series about ghost detectives – start: April

New Netflix series without start date

A Man in Full – Drama by David E. Kelley with Jeff Daniels
A Man on the Inside – Comedy from the creator of The Good Place
American Primeval – western drama from Peter Berg
Baby Reindeer – British drama series
Black Doves – thriller with Keira Knightley and Ben Whishaw
Champion – British music drama
Coming Undone – drama series with Billie Piper
The 39 Steps – thriller with Benedict Cumberbatch
Eric – mystery thriller about a monster under the bed
Forever – adaptation of the novel by Judy Blume
Geek Girl – adaptation of the young adult novels by Holly Smale
Kaos – reinterpretation of Greek mythology
Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story – True Crime by Dahmer makers
On Record – Thriller-comedy about true crime podcasters
Ripley – The talented Mr. Ripley adaptation
Supacell – British superhero series
Tall Pines – educational drama by Mae Martin
The Abandons – Western from Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter
The Corps – military dramedy with Miles Heizer and Vera Farmiga
The Decameron – historical drama about the Black Death
The Gentlemen – action-comedy spin-off from Guy Ritchie
The Madness – thriller with Fear the Walking Dead star Colman Domingo
The Perfect Couple – crime drama with Nicole Kidman and Dakota Fanning
The Residence – Murder-Mystery with Uzo Aduba
The Vince Staples Show – Comedy with rapper Vince Staples
The Witcher spin-off series – prequel about the rat gang
Toxic Town – True crime drama about British toxic waste scandal
Untitled LA Lakers Netflix Project – workplace comedy
White Stork – Thriller with Tom Hiddleston
Zero Day – Conspiracy thriller with Robert De Niro

International Netflix series 2024 without start date

Achtsam Morden – adaptation of Karsten Dusse’s bestselling novel
Cassandra – German smart home thriller
Criminel – series from 4 Blocks director Marvin Kren
Hello – German sci-fi mystery with Florian David Fitz
Plötzlich Kanzlerin – German political satire
The Grimm Reality – German fantasy thriller
Winter Palace – Swiss-French hotel drama
Senna – Brazilian biopic about the racing driver Ayrton Senna de Silva
The Leopard – Italian film adaptation of a novel about a princely family
La vita che volevi – drama from Italy
Briganti – historical bandit drama from Italy
Inganno – Italian erotic thriller
Lotto Gang – Italian heist series
Supersex – Italian series about the porn star Rocco Siffredi
With trembling hands – crime drama from Sweden
Midsummer Night – drama from Norway
1992 – Thriller from Spain
Anthracite – Mystery thriller from France
Fiasco – French comedy about a chaotic movie shoot
Furies – action drama set in the underworld of Paris
La Cage – MMA drama from France
Comedy Chaos – Indonesian sitcom
House of Ninjas – ninja drama from Japan
The Queen of Villains – Japanese women’s wrestling biopic
Aema – movie drama from South Korea
Chicken Nugget – comedy from South Korea
Goodbye Earth – sci-fi thriller from South Korea
Hong Rang – Thriller from South Korea
Murder Dieary – Thriller about a student who identifies and punishes bad people
Queen of the Scene – Comedy about a Korean serial writer who ends up in a fictional reality
The Bequeathed – Zombie horror from South Korea
Bandidos – Heist action from Mexico
Heeramandi – historical drama from India
Soup – India
Macondo – fantasy drama from Colombia

Anime and animated series on Netflix 2024

Astérix – Animation series
Bad Dinosaurs – Dino animation series
BRZRKR – Anime by Kenau Reeves
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – animated series based on the Roald Dahl novel
Devil May Cry – animation based on a video game
Exploding Kittens – animated series based on a card game
Good Times – animated sequel to the 70s sitcom
Horton Hears a Who! – Dr. Seuss animated series
Jentry Chau vs The Underworld – animation
Jurassic World: The Chaos Theory – sequel to Jurassic World: New Adventures
Line Friends – Japanese animation series for children
Magic: The Gathering – animation based on the card game
Mermaid Magic – animated series from the creator of Winx Club
Moonrise – sci-fi anime
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish – Dr. Seuss animated series
Splinter Cell – animation based on the video game
Terminator: The Anime Series – sci-fi anime
Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft – animation based on the video game
T. P. Bon – time travel anime
Twilight of the Gods – animated series by Zack Snyder
Wacky Wednesday – Dr. Seuss animation series
Wereworld – Fantasy animation series

It can always happen that some series have to wait longer, starts have to be postponed for production reasons or Netflix surprises us with series that have already been shot

Due to the Hollywood strike in 2023, numerous US productions could be released later than expected. That’s why we keep this overview up to date for you and keep adding to it.

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