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20 million saw the trilogy: Fack ju Göhte is back and here is the teaser trailer for Chantal im Märchenland

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We don’t know whether Fack ju Göhte 4 will ever be released in theaters. But now we have the first teaser trailer for the spin-off Chantal im Märchenland starring Jella Haase.
It’s not just Bully who is bringing back one of the biggest successes in German cinema history. Following the surprise announcement of Das Kanu des Manitu, we can look forward to another comedy that will soon be hitting cinemas with a new installment: The Fack ju Göhte universe is getting its very first spin-off this year.

After three extremely successful films that focused on the story of Zeki Müller, played by Elyas M’Barek, we can now look forward to a spin-off that gives fan favorite Chantal Ackermann the big stage she has deserved since the first part. In Chantal in Fairytale Land, Jella Haase once again takes on the role of the churlish and misunderstood influencer

Here you can watch the first teaser trailer for Chantal im Märchenland:


Chantal im Märchenland: This is what the spin-off to the Fack ju Göhte series with Jella Haase looks like

The Fack ju Göhte saga doesn’t continue in a high school setting. Instead, we can expect a pretty wacky spin-off that features some fantasy elements and catapults Chantal into the middle of a fairytale world.

What is Chantal in Fairytale Land about? This is the plot according to the official press release from the distributor:

Chantal, an eternal influencer with no followers, and her best friend Zeynep end up in a fairytale world thanks to an antique magic mirror that they mistake for a social media gimmick. The marriage-mad princes didn’t expect such a blatant princess. Thanks to her ghetto skills, Chantal does away with reactionary fairytale clichés, fights against curses, tyrannical kings – and above all for her friendship with Zeynep.

In addition to Haase, some familiar faces from the Fack ju Göhte films return. Elyas M’Barek is also back. However, he only has a guest appearance. Below you will find the complete main cast of Chantal im Märchenland:

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(Chantal in Fairytale Land)

(Chantal in Fairytale Land)

Bora Dagtekin, the architect of the Fack ju Göhte franchise, also holds the creative reins for Chantal im Märchenland. He wrote the screenplay and directed the movie. The first take was shot in March 2023

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