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Sci-fi sensation on Disney+: Only 2 months to go until the next era with a new Time Lord

by Dennis

Disney+ presents the new Doctor Who season with a new lead actor, new companion and familiar showrunner as early as May this year.
The local Disney+ will be showing the brand new Doctor Who season from May 10, 2024, even one day before the BBC premiere in the British home of the series. This is technically the 14th season of New Who. But as you can see from the announcement teaser, the count has been reset, so we’re back to talking about season 1. Timey-wimey stuff

Doctor Who: A sci-fi institution continues

Former showrunner Russell T. Davies, who brought Doctor Who back from a long hiatus in 2005, took the helm again during the last few specials for the series. David Tennant returned as the 10th and 14th Doctor and ceremoniously handed over the baton to the 15th Doctor. The latest incarnation of the Time Lord is played by Ncuti Gatwa (Sex Education), who brings plenty of energy and charm to the role.

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In the Christmas special The Church on Ruby Road, the newly minted Doctor met his new companion Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson), with whom he will be jetting through space and time in the TARDIS from now on. Adventure, monsters and, of course, plenty of villains await them. One of them is played by drag queen Jinkx Monsoon, who you might recognize from RuPaul’s Drag Race. Another antagonist called The Duchess is played by Game of Thrones queen Indira Varma

(Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson in Doctor Who)

The cast also includes Jemma Redgrave as UNIT boss Kate Stewart, Mindhunter star Jonathan Groff in a Regency-era mystery role, Bonnie Langford as ex-companion Mel Bush, Heartstopper star Yasmin Finney as Donna’s daughter Rose Noble and Michelle Greenidge as Carla Sunday.

Who? Unanswered questions and mysteries in the new season

Since his return, head writer RTD has already established several new mysteries that invite speculation. The Meep (Miriam Margolyes), for example, thought it was reporting to “the boss” from the Doctor. The Toymaker (Neil Patrick Harris) similarly ominously mentioned someone called The One Who Waits and threatened humanity with his legions being on their way. Whether these or the Master, whom the toy villain had sealed in his gold tooth, will be the first to cause trouble remains to be seen.

And then there’s Ruby’s mysterious neighbor Mrs. Flood (Anita Dobson), who broke the fourth wall at the end of the Christmas episode to ask us as an audience if we’d never seen a TARDIS before. According to Davies, who spoke to the Radio Times, we’ll find out more about her at some point.

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