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Harry Potter follow-up novel to receive festive fantasy film adaptation

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In addition to the new film version of Harry Potter, another of the author’s novels is to be adapted. However, no production company has yet been found for the fantasy Christmas film.
The Christmas Pig, or Jack’s Wondrous Journey with the Christmas Pig, is a festive fantasy novel by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling. In Germany, it was published by Carlsen in 2021, but there may soon be another option under the tree for people who are really lazy about reading.

As Variety reports, a film adaptation of the material is currently in development. However, everything is currently still taking place internally at Rowling’s production company Bronte, as no major studio such as Warner Bros. is attached to the project at this early stage.

What is the Harry Potter sequel The Christmas Pig about?

In this holiday story for young audiences, little Jack loses his stuffed animal, Swein. An adventurous journey into the Land of the Lost begins, where the boy must venture to find his stuffed friend again. But the magical place is full of surprises and strange creatures. And in the end, Jack has to make the most difficult decision of his young life

The illustrations in the book are by Jim Field. However, it is not yet clear whether the film version will be created using classic animation, CGI or as a live-action adventure.

A new Harry Potter series re-adapts the fantasy series

A new Harry Potter series for the HBO streamer Max has also been in the works since last year. It will cover all seven books about Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and its students in seven seasons, which will take around a decade to complete. Of course, Harry, Hermione, Ron and co. will all be recast and the creative team will also be different to that of the film series.

All the info so far: What’s known about the start, cast and plot of the Harry Potter series

Watch the announcement teaser for the Harry Potter series here:

Rowling herself is no longer creatively involved in the series project, but only as an executive producer, which will be welcomed by parts of the community. In recent years, the billionaire author has repeatedly attracted attention for her anti-trans statements, which has understandably put many fans off.

Most recently, she even denied the historically documented burning of queer research by the National Socialists, as reported by the Hindustan Times. So it’s no wonder that many Harry Potter fans now prefer to separate the author from her work.

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