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Netflix paid 469 million for this: First teaser video for the new Daniel Craig blockbuster unveiled

by Dennis

Daniel Craig has long since said goodbye to James Bond. Now he’s returning to Netflix in his second iconic role, as the first teaser for Knives Out 3 announces.
Over the past two decades, Daniel Craig has mainly been on the big screen as James Bond. He will probably remain forever associated with this role in most people’s minds. However, it is not the only iconic role in his filmography. He has already appeared twice as detective Benoit Blanc.

Benoit Blanc’s first case, Knives Out, was released in 2018 and turned out to be a huge success. Netflix then secured the rights to the next two parts for an incredible 469 million US dollars (via THR ). After Glass Onion premiered in 2022, part 3 of the crime saga has now been announced

Wake Up Dead Man: First teaser video for Knives Out 3 with Daniel Craig reveals the title of the Netflix sequel

Netflix has released a 45-second video introducing the third Knives Out movie and featuring three exciting revelations.

The title: Knives Out 3 is now officially called Wake Up Dead Man
The start: Knives Out 3 will be released on Netflix sometime in 2025
The case: Daniel Craig’s unmistakable Benoit Blanc voiceover announces the detective’s “most dangerous case yet “

Here you can watch the teaser video for Knives Out 3:

After the Beatles comes U2: Did Rian Johnson take inspiration from Wake Up Dead Man for Knives Out 3?

Wake Up Dead Man is the twelfth and final song on the 1997 album Pop. The band had actually been working on the title since 1991, first as part of the Achtung Baby sessions, then two years later at Zooropa. In the process, the song lost its cheerful, optimistic, hopeful character

Wake Up Dead Man is now considered one of the darkest U2 songs ever. When we listen to the lyrics, we can hear lead singer Bono’s voice desperately begging Jesus to come back to earth and save humanity. We can’t wait to see what’s in Knives Out 3

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