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The most successful US series even surpasses NCIS and Blue Bloods: you can already stream it on Disney+ in Germany

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The US series Tracker is a huge ratings success. The mix of drama, crime thriller and action streams on Disney+ in Germany, but hardly anyone has it on their screens

The new series Tracker has been streaming on Disney+ in Germany for a few weeks now. While the hype in Germany is (still) limited, the action drama is currently breaking all records in the USA. It is nothing less than the most successful US series of the 2023/2024 TV season.

Anyone who has paid little attention to Tracker so far should perhaps reconsider their decision. Even a star of The Boys plays an important role in it

The most successful US series runs on Disney+: This is what Tracker is about

In Tracker, Justin Hartley (This is Us) plays the sleuth Colter Shaw. As a so-called “Reward Seeker”, he earns his living from reward money offered for tracking down missing persons. And so he travels across the USA in his mighty GMC truck to help all kinds of people find something missing

Here you can watch the trailer for Tracker:

These can be missing persons, witnesses in a murder case or even a kidnapped racehorse. There seems to be no limit to the variety of cases that can be solved. As a so-called procedural, Tracker relies on the case-of-the-week principle. A new person has to be tracked down in each episode, with Colter repeatedly meeting new guest stars.

The permanent cast and Colter’s team include tech genius Bobby (Eric Graise) and his two lesbian handlers Teddi (Robin Weigert) and Velma (Abby McEnany). Lawyer and love interest Reenie Greene (Fiona Rene) also helps out from time to time.

Guest stars in the individual episodes include Jennifer Morrison (Once Upon a Time), Melissa Roxburgh (Manifest) and Supernatural star Jensen Ackles. Ackles is also known as the superhero Soldier Boy from the Amazon hit The Boys. Fans will have to be patient for his appearance, however, as he doesn’t make an appearance until episode 12 of Tracker.

19 million people watch Tracker – and season 2 of the hit series is already a certainty

No series has got off to such a strong start on US network television this TV season as Tracker. The broadcast of the first episode directly after the Super Bowl reached over 18 million viewers. Since then, the ratings have leveled off at over 11 million per week, as the LA Times notes. If the US streaming exploitation on Paramount+ is also included, the number of people watching Tracker is as high as 19 million.

Tracker is not only the most successful series in the current CBS program, which also includes the crime hits Navy CIS and Blue Bloods – Crime Scene New York as well as the comedy Young Sheldon, but also the most successful network series of all channels this season.

Stream new episodes of Tracker now on Disney+

The ratings success prompted US broadcaster CBS to commission a second season after just four episodes had been broadcast. This will be launched in the fall of 2024 on CBS and, with a slight delay, on Disney+ in Germany. The new episodes will also feature previous guest stars Jensen Ackles and Melissa Roxburgh as Colton Shaw’s siblings.

In Germany, the first season of Tracker has been airing weekly on Disney+ since April 24, 2024. The season finale, episode 13, will be available to stream from July 10, 2024.

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