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Amazon’s dirtiest superhero series is back from today: The Boys changes major criticism

by Dennis

Amazon’s superhero spectacle for adults is back from today. Season 4 of The Boys is even darker than before according to critics – and fixes a major flaw.
If you like your superheroes bloody and dirty, you can now rejoice: The Boys season 4 is finally starting on Amazon Prime Video. However, in addition to the usual toughness and liberality, it will often swap its infamous humor for sobering dark scenes. According to some viewers, an annoying shortcoming of the last seasons will also be eliminated

“Darkest season yet”: Amazon’s The Boys changes a lot in season 4

The Boys is set in a world in which artificially bred superhumans are supposed to protect the world, but instead endanger it with their cruelty and arrogance. Butcher (Karl Urban) has had enough of this and rallies a troop to take on the cape wearers.

Watch the latest trailer for The Boys season 4:

So it goes on in season 4: At the beginning of season 4, things are not going well for his resisters. Butcher is terminally ill. And although superhuman prime Homelander (Antony Starr) is on trial for the murder of a protester, his popularity hardly seems to be suffering. Time is running out for The Boys heroes.

Variety describes season 4 as “the bleakest season yet”, Vanity Fair calls the series “bleaker than ever”. The main reason for this is the parallels with current US politics, such as the court case against Donald Trump and his continuing popularity.

The Boys season 4 makes up for one mistake: Others see the new episodes as a terrific new development. For example, the renowned review site Rogerebert.com writes:

After the writers in seasons 2 and 3 apparently wanted to outdo themselves again and again in their references and the shock effect of their scenes, season 4 washes away the violence. And puts the characters back in the foreground.

All in all, the reviews of The Boys season 4 are above averagely positive, but also criticize various weak points. Whether it’s a step backwards or the best episodes since the start of the series is up to each fan to decide for themselves

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