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Now on Netflix: 106 minutes of high-tension thriller from an absolute action god

by Tommy

You can now watch one of the last films by action god Tony Scott on Netflix. A nerve-wracking thriller set in the heart of New York. Denzel Washington and John Travolta play the leading roles

The Pelham 123 subway hijacking is director Tony Scott’s penultimate film before his death. Scott’s films are among the absolute action classics of our time. For example, he helped Tom Cruise to his big breakthrough with the aviation film Top Gun. A recurring element in his films is the constant tension, usually triggered by a race against time.

In The Hijacking of the Pelham 123 Subway, there is never a moment’s peace, because time is the greatest adversary. You can stream the highly suspenseful movie on Netflix

Nerve-wracking hostage drama on Netflix: This is what it’s all about in The Kidnapping of the Pelham 123 Subway

As the movie title suggests, a New York MTA subway train is hijacked. The hijacker calls himself Ryder (John Travolta) and, together with three accomplices, takes a total of 19 hostages in a small train car. He maintains contact with the outside world exclusively with the train dispatcher Garber (Denzel Washington).

Here you can watch the trailer for The Kidnapping of the Pelham 123 Subway:

The demand: 10 million US dollars in cash within one hour. For every minute late, a hostage is killed. The outgoing mayor (James Gandolfini), who is actually already dreaming of his retirement, has to take care of this. The problem is that Ryder doesn’t want to talk to anyone other than the simple dispatcher Garber. Instead of allowing trains to pass safely, the lives of the hostages now depend on his communication skills.

It soon becomes clear that Garber and the emergency services are not dealing with a normal kidnapper. Everything is planned down to the exact amount of the ransom. There seems to be a much bigger plot behind the kidnapping. And Garber is not free of secrets either

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