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New on Netflix: Horror insider tip that completely surprises at least once and remains exciting until the end

by Mike

For some movies, it’s worth staying as clueless as possible for as long as possible. This is one such candidate. A surprising trip in a class of its own awaits you here

Imagine you book an AirBnB in a foreign city. When you arrive, the neighborhood seems pleasantly quiet. But when you arrive at the house, you realize that someone is already there.

That alone would be a creepy idea. When a stranger is suddenly waiting for you in the booked house, which should definitely be empty. But in the case of Barbarian, this is just the absolutely harmless, downright boring beginning. You can see how unforgettable a short trip turns into a horror trip on Netflix from today.

In Barbarian, two strangers face not only deep mistrust, but also an evil secret

Tess (Georgina Campbell) wants nothing more than to simply unlock the AirBnB she has booked, finally get dry and fall into bed in the near future. But the house that was supposed to be hers for the stay is anything but empty. Keith (Bill Skarsgård) is waiting inside. As it turns out, the accommodation has been double-booked.

(Tess arrives at Barbarian's AirBnB)

(Tess arrives at Barbarian’s AirBnB)

Keith seems friendly and obliging and immediately offers to sleep on the sofa and let Tess use the (lockable) bedroom. Nevertheless, Tess enjoys this kindness with a good dose of suspicion. But as night slowly falls, Tess realizes that Keith is nothing compared to what awaits her in this house

Barbarian on Netflix is an unpredictable insider tip that can surprise more than once

Seems like a rather short summary? There are good reasons for that. After all, Barbarian soon deviates from what the average audience might expect. And too much simply cannot be revealed beforehand. The movie begins in a very classic way. Albeit with the big bonus that Tess displays an unusually clever caution for horror characters. For this reason alone, not everything here follows a run-of-the-mill pattern.

Director Zach Cregger has put together an ingenious and unpredictable horror rollercoaster – with plenty of violent peaks, twists and turns and moments that will pull the rug out from under your feet. In the second half at the latest, the story, which initially seems predictable, escalates in directions that are as bizarre as they are terrifying.

(Barbarian disturbs with several surprises)

The result is hard, disturbing and creative. And was such a hit with moviegoers on release that Barbarian grossed ten times its budget and guaranteed Cregger a next project. The latter has even already secured its first star actor: Pedro Pascal.

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