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In 3 days, Netflix ends extremely popular series universe after 9 seasons and numerous battles

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This week, Netflix is pulling the plug on an epic series universe that began over a decade ago with Travis Fimmel as Ragnar Lodbrok.

The Vikings universe is finally coming to an end on Netflix this week. 11 years ago, the then somewhat smaller adventure series started on the History Channel. Starring Travis Fimmel and Katheryn Winnick as Ragnar and Lagertha, the epic began as a story of love and conquest. Over the years, Vikings developed into a complex political intrigue and battle drama that even got a spin-off: Vikings: Valhalla.

After the parent series came to an end in 2020 after 6 successful seasons, Netflix is now pulling the plug on Vikings: Valhalla. Season 3 will be released this week and then it’s over

Netflix sequel to Vikings: This is what Vikings: Valhalla is all about

Vikings: Valhalla is set over 180 years after the original series and therefore towards the end of the flourishing Viking Age. The big leap in time means that no main characters from the original appear, but there are plenty of references and allusions. For example, the protagonists talk reverently about Ragnar and his sons, who resided in the same halls in Kattegat.

Ragnar, Lagertha, Björn & Co. have become legends that are talked about in Vikings: Valhalla. Many Viking families now live in England, and many have converted to Christianity. But not all of them – and King Æthelred has this large number of Vikings murdered in his kingdom in the so-called St. Brice’s Day Massacre. This massacre actually took place and the story of Vikings: Valhalla begins a year later.

The spin-off focuses on three new characters who once again have a loose historical basis: the two siblings Freydis (Frida Gustavsson) and Leif Eriksson (Sam Corlett) as well as the Norwegian prince Harald Sigurdsson (Leo Suter). Freydis and Leif stumble into a retaliatory meeting of King Knut rather by chance. Together with Harald, he assembles combat units to take revenge for the massacre

Swords, fists and flaming arrows fly in the trailer for Vikings: Valhalla season 3:

The Vikings saga has already had some mighty battles to offer. Judging by the trailer for season 3 of Vikings: Valhalla, there are also epic battles to be seen one last time in the grand finale

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