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Horror megahit makes strong statement – and conquers cinema charts despite

by Han

Not only in Germany is “Five Nights At Freddy’s” number 1 at the box office, but in the USA the masses are also flocking to theaters for the video game adaptation – even though the film can even be streamed there.

Cinema is alive! “Five Nights At Freddy’s” is mutating into an international megahit – whereby the numbers from the USA are particularly impressive. There, the film adaptation of the horror video game hit of the same name was able to bring in a whopping 78 million dollars on its opening weekend – and thus directly break the first records. More are likely to follow.

And the animal mascot horror is also making waves in Germany. After horror company Blumhouse was not quite able to meet expectations with “The Exorcist: Confession,” “Five Nights At Freddy’s” is on the upswing again. And how! The numbers in detail:


In the U.S., the film grossed an incredible $78 million in its opening weekend – making it one of the most successful horror film launches in cinema history! While only Andy Muschietti’s two “ES” adaptations did better (and ended up grossing $701.8 million and $473.1 million, respectively), Emma Tammi’s video game adaptation even set a new all-time record for the Halloween weekend. Worldwide, the film has already grossed $130.6 million.

On its first weekend, the film, which cost just 20 million dollars, not only recouped its budget many times over in the USA alone, but also brought in only slightly less than Christopher Nolan’s 3-hour epic “Oppenheimer” (82.4 million dollars). It goes without saying that “Five Nights At Freddy’s” will be one of the best starts of 2023. However, those figures only take on special significance when you consider that the film has already been released in the U.S. in parallel on the Peacock streaming platform!

The fact that so many tickets were bought for the film version of the indie horror hit, in which the goal is to survive a few night shifts in a sinister pizzeria, shows: Even in the age of streaming, people still really want to go to the movies! And also in Germany – where the film can currently be seen exclusively on the big screen…


The film sold 250,000 tickets (2.5 million euros in revenue) last weekend, easily taking the top spot on the local box office charts. While Martin Scorsese’s epic “Killers Of The Flower Moon” is still doing well, taking third place with 110,000 more tickets sold and now standing at a total of 300,000 moviegoers in Germany (worldwide, the 200 million dollar film has grossed 84.7 million dollars to date), the rest of the top 5 paint a clear picture:

Beyond that, it is primarily family films that are currently filling German movie theaters. The animated film “Trolls 3 – Gemeinsam stark” (Trolls 3 – Strong Together) attracted 130,000 people to cinemas, thus maintaining second place, followed by “Checker Tobi und die Reise zu den fliegenden Flüssen” (92,500 tickets sold) and “Paw Patrol – Der Mighty Kinofilm” (77,500 tickets sold) in fourth and fifth place.

It will be interesting to see how “Five Nights At Freddy’s” fares in direct comparison with the new releases next week. Then, finally, the much-discussed “Sound Of Freedom” and the latest MCU chapter “The Marvels” will be released.

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