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Exclusively at FILMSTARTS: James Bond meets Comic Cult in the German

by Han

With “Diabolik wird gejagt” the sequel to the recently released “Diabolik” is coming soon. Before we also expect a special world premiere in the same breath, there is today only the German trailer – exclusively on FILMSTARTS.

With more than 150 million copies sold worldwide, the “Diabolik” stories are among the most famous and also most popular comics ever, and even after more than 60 years, it is impossible to imagine European – but especially Italian – pop culture without them. In Germany, the stories about the titular long-fingered man have not attracted quite as much attention to date, although this is likely to have changed at least to some extent in 2023.

It was only last October that the film version of the comic cult by Antonio and Marco Manetti, “Diabolik,” found its way to Germany. Just one month later, the second chapter of the three-film series is about to be released: “Diabolik wird gejagt” will be released for the first time on November 23, 2023 – and will also feature a very special world premiere. To get you in the mood, we are proud to present the German trailer for the middle piece of the “Diabolik” trilogy exclusively on FILMSTARTS today …

..and as for the aforementioned world premiere: as part of the home theatrical release, the film’s comic book template, “Diabolik – Ginko Attacks,” will be released in German for the very first time! Distributor Plaion Pictures has not only taken care of bringing the cinematic adaptations to Germany, but will also release Part 2 as a two-disc Special Edition – which not only includes the DVD and Blu-ray of the film, but also contains the German comic premiere of “Ginko attacks.

A unique opportunity for all fans of superheroes, supervillains and co. to experience the original and the adaptation in one fell swoop – and to compare both versions directly with each other!


Inspector Ginko (Valerio Mastandrea) has had enough. He wants to finally arrest “Diabolik” (Giacomo Gianniotti) and his accomplice Eva Kant (Miriam Leone) – and already knows exactly how. With the help of jewels containing a radioactive tracking substance, he wants to pick up the crook’s trail.

And he actually manages to track down the duo and their prey in the mountains! However, while the thief known as the “King of Terror” manages to escape, he leaves his lover behind – and triggers a desire for revenge in her. So without further ado, she offers her help to investigator Ginko…

“A touch of 007 and echoes of film noir characterize this elegant comic adaptation,” says the distributor Plaion Pictures, among others. Parallels that can be traced back to the original not only stylistically: While Diabolik and his lair – complete with an arsenal of weapons and a classic sports car – certainly evoke memories of James Bond, “Diabolik is Hunted” also stars Monica Bellucci, a real Italian Hollywood star who has been known as a Bond girl since “Spectre”.

It is not yet known when the third film, which bears the Italian title “Diabolik Chi Sei?”, will come to Germany. After its world premiere in the course of the Rome Film Fest 2023, it will first be officially launched in Italian cinemas at the end of November.

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