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Streaming hit from “The Walking Dead” maker goes into the next round

by Han

On November 3, the second season of Robert Kirkman’s “Invincible” starts – exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. The new trailer, which has now been released, already shows that fans can look forward to all kinds of madness again

For over two years now, fans of the streaming success “Invincible” have been waiting for another season of the uber-brutal superhero series that captured the hearts of series and comic book enthusiasts alike in 2021. On November 3, 2023, the time has finally come for the new season of the animated hit created by “The Walking Dead” author Robert Kirkman to start on the streaming platform Amazon Prime Video.

Now there is another trailer and this makes it clear that the new episodes of “Invincible” will also be pretty violent. Destroyed worlds, merciless fights, crude sayings and the whole embedded in a quite captivating coming-of-age story about the son of the (former) most powerful man on earth – apparently fans of the animated comic actioner can again look forward to exactly those things that already made the first season a real binge pleasure.

For those who have already forgotten half of the two-year wait, you can quickly refresh your memory on Amazon Prime Video until the start of the new episodes and stream the eight episodes again (or for the first time). But do not forget the additional episode “Atom Eve”, which was only released in July 2023 as a standalone prequel and tells the story of the adolescent Samantha Eve Wilkins, which fans of the series should later get to know as Atom Eve.


In season 1 of “Invincible”, Robert Kirkman and co. by and large draw on the first thirteen issues of the comic book template and reproduce them relatively faithfully. If this continues, then we can expect a reunion between father Omni-Man (voice in the original: J.K. Simmons) and son Invincible (“The Walking Dead” star Steven Yeun) in the coming episodes.

In addition, the trailer also reveals that Mark Grayson aka Invincible and his comrades-in-arms for justice will also have to deal with all kinds of nasty opponents on Earth, who will put their skills to the test time and time again. And then there’s the trailer’s conclusion, which doesn’t bode well. Will Invincible emulate his father after all and try to subjugate the world? We’ll see…

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