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“The Boys: Gen V”: When will episode 7 and the rest of season 1 arrive?

by Dennis

For the launch of “The Boys” spin-off “Gen V,” three of the eight total episodes have been made available to stream directly on Amazon Prime Video. The remaining episodes are available on a weekly basis. We give you an overview of all dates.

Before 2024 the fourth season of “The Boys” appears on Amazon Prime Video, fans of the equally bloody as crazy superhero satire series can now bridge the wait a little with the freshly launched spin-off “The Boys: Gen V” – and that still over the next few weeks.

Because with the first three “Gen V” episodes released at the start, the season was of course far from over. The remaining episodes, however, will be released individually at weekly intervals, always on Fridays. This results in the following release dates for the entire “Gen V” season:


Totally, then, the first “Gen V” season will comprise eight episodes – the same number as all previous seasons of the main series. Accordingly, the season finale will land on Amazon Prime Video on November 3, 2023. Until then, Marie Moreau (Jaz Sinclair), who comes from a humble background, and some of her fellow students will have to uncover the dark secrets of Godolkin University, where they are being trained to become the superheroes of tomorrow…

Meanwhile, exactly when the fourth season of “The Boys” will make its way to the streaming provider is not yet known.

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