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Dogman: Drama starring Caleb Landry Jones as a young man scarred by life who finds refuge with his dogs.

Plot and background

Douglas, called Doug (Caleb Landry Jones), goes through a tough childhood with an abusive father. The boy finds refuge in dogs at an early age. With their unconditional love, the four-legged friends give him support and the feeling of being understood, while he never felt he belonged among humans. As an adult, Doug, scarred by life, is detained during a traffic stop. Extravagantly made up in a blood-stained evening gown, he is behind the wheel of a truck full of dogs. The young man is arrested and tells his hair-raising unbelievable story during interrogation at the police station.

“Dogman” – background, cast, theatrical release

With “Dogman”, successful director and César winner Luc Besson (“The Fifth Element”) tells the story of an unpredictable outsider who has given up faith in the good in people and finds his own salvation in the company of animals. After his last thriller “Anna”, which had moderate success at the box office in 2019, the French filmmaker returns with an action-packed, but also moving drama and takes a look into human abysses.

U.S. actor Caleb Landry Jones (“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”), who won Best Actor at the 74th Cannes International Film Festival for his starring role in Justin Kurzel’s “Nitram” in 2021, steps into the lead role of a troubled mad dog lover. At a young age, Doug is embodied by up-and-coming actor Lincoln Powell. German actor Clemens Schick (“Servus Papa, See You in Hell”) is seen in a supporting role as Mike. In other roles, Jojo T. Gibbs (“Twenties”) as Evelyn, Christopher Denham (“The Bay”) as Ackerman, Michael Garza (“Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”) as Juan, Bennett Saltzman (“Mr. Harrigan’s Phone”) as Gary, Marisa Berenson (“Barry Lyndon”), James Payton (“Curiosity”) and Derek Siow (“The Fear Index”) were in front of the camera.

The wild drama “Dogman” opens in cinemas here on October 12, 2023. Before that, it will screen in the prestigious competition of the 2023 Venice Film Festival and compete for the Golden Lion.

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