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Loki now officially has a new name in the Marvel Universe and he’s changing everything

by Han

The finale of the second Loki season has changed the order of precedence in the entire MCU. The antihero now has a fitting new name

Last week, season 2 of the Loki series starring Tom Hiddleston ended with a bang on Disney+. After the finale of the Marvel highlight, nothing in the MCU is the same as it was before. Fittingly, the antihero has now been given an official new name, which was revealed in a toy reveal.

Loki is now a literal god in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

In the finale of the Marvel series, Loki has managed to save as many lives as possible in various multiverses of the Marvel franchise. In return, he himself has become the new ruler of the multiverse. With this higher rank, the antihero now also has an official new name, which sounds fitting: God Loki!

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As The Direct reports, a new Funko! Pop figure featuring the MCU character has now been revealed, bearing the changed name and featuring Loki in an updated design as the Guardian of the Multiverse. You can check out a picture of it here:

What happens after Loki season 2 in the MCU?

In addition to the finale of the second season of the Marvel series, the latest MCU blockbuster The Marvels is currently showing in cinemas. Only one new MCU film, Deadpool 3, will be released in 2024.

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