Home Drama Tom Selleck didn’t believe in Blue Bloods’ recipe for success at first: “They’re going to cut that out, aren’t they?”

Tom Selleck didn’t believe in Blue Bloods’ recipe for success at first: “They’re going to cut that out, aren’t they?”

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For 14 years, Blue Bloods fans have loved one central element of the crime series in particular. Lead actor Tom Selleck didn’t believe in the success of this centerpiece at first

The crime drama series Blue Bloods – Crime Scene New York is about a police family that has been fighting crime for generations. The cast of the series also includes Magnum legend Tom Selleck, who spoke about the upcoming end of the series in a recent interview. He also revealed that he did not initially believe in a plot element for which Blue Bloods would become so popular

Tom Selleck thought Blue Bloods audiences didn’t want to see long dinner scenes

As the star tells TV Insider, at first he didn’t believe the Reagans’ lengthy dinner moments were really meant to be part of the cop show:

“When I saw the eight-page dinner scene in the script for [executive producer] Leonard Goldberg’s pilot episode, I said, ‘They’re going to cut that out, right?’ And he replied, ‘No, that’s going to be a centerpiece of the show.’ He was right.

(Tom Selleck in Blue Bloods)

In Blue Bloods, the family gathers every Sunday at the home of head Frank (Selleck), where the characters talk about their feelings and discuss important lessons. In the series, these scenes have quickly become a tradition that fans have instantly grown to love.

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Tom Selleck himself has already spoken about the fact that, for him, the recipe for success in Blue Bloods is the character relationships. Without the sprawling, regular dinner scenes, they would never have become so multi-layered

When and where is Blue Bloods season 14 airing in Germany?

In the USA, the big Blue Bloods series finale will be broadcast in two parts, which will be released in February and fall 2024. A German start is not yet known. In Germany, you can currently stream seasons 1-13 with a subscription to Sky’s WOW. Blue Bloods is shown on free TV here on Kabel eins. So far, 11 seasons have been broadcast here

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