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An “Avatar” villain, a “Batman” nemesis & a dog with.

by Tommy

“Dogs are man’s best friend,” they say. But there are also Wauwaus, which can give even more than love, loyalty and companionship. In the trailer for “Muzzle – K-9 Narcotics Unit” two of them show themselves as veritable action heroes.

The trailer for “Muzzle – K-9 Narcotics Unit” promises a pretty gritty, in places brutal cop thriller. In the human lead role as a tough drug investigator with a preference for sheepdogs as partners, Aaron Eckhart awaits you in it. The Californian is best known to blockbuster and action fans as District Attorney Harvey Dent aka Two-Face from Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” and as the U.S. President in the “Has Fallen” series alongside Gerard Butler.

The film was directed by “Crypto – Fear is the Hardest Currency” director John Stalberg Jr. based on a script by Carlyle Eubank (“The Signal”). In addition to Aaron Eckhart, several other well-known actors* are on the cast list. Among them are Stephen Lang from the “Avatar” blockbusters and the “Don’t Breathe” shockers, Nick Searcy (“Cast Away”), Penelope Mitchell (“Star Trek: Picard”), Diego Tinoco (“On My Block”) and Grainger Hines from “Hell On Wheels”.


Drug investigator Jake Rosser (Aaron Eckhart) and his four-legged partner Ace work for the Los Angeles Police Department’s canine unit. In the course of a violent shootout with dealers on the streets of the metropolis, Ace is killed in the line of duty. Panicked, Rosser tries to get a rescue worker to revive the dog.

However, he is only trained for humans and therefore refuses. Rosser loses his nerve and beats up the paramedic. After Internal Affairs suspends him for a while, he returns to the job, still grieving. However, his superior, Captain Freeman (Nick Searcy), won’t let him investigate the case anymore.

So Rosser decides to go out on his own to find the man who shot his beloved Ace. Meanwhile, LAPD dog trainer Leland (Stephen Lang) assigns him a new partner: Socks. She’s been through quite a bit, as evidenced by the titanium fangs in her mouth. After a brief adjustment period, the duo tries to avenge Ace and hopes to uncover a criminal conspiracy that has the city in a stranglehold …

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